Although court ordered to have no contact with his infant son, Levite Severance, Charles Severance is a nurturing fit father and strong parent with contempt for american psychiatry democracy. On March 15, 2000 at the age of 10 1/2 months Levite was legally isolated and separated from his father by the notorious City of Alexandria Juvenile Court. Although vilified by the inferior opinions of some judges, Charles Severance remains a God-fearing, highly respected, and solid citizen of Virginia. He prays, he contributes; he finished second in a 1996 Special Election for Mayor of the City of Alexandria with 10% of the gun-owner vote. He also adamantly refuses to submit to a complete "inexact" mental health evaluation by secular (demon possessed) humanist-priests, democracy government regulated mad-doctors, agents of psychiatry, and other weak hypocrites.

Charles Stanard Severance, strong father of Levite David Severance and Principal Investigator at , rejects the pretensions of medical men to exclusive knowledge on mental disorder. "Infant, child, and adolescent psychiatrists who prescribe RITALIN and other psychotropic drugs to precocious youth," reverently declares the father of Levite "are victums of madness under a suicide watch." He also rejects the precarious claims of secular law enforcement officers to exclusive knowledge on gun safety. Although he has committed no crime, he is legally compelled by infamous court opinions that isolate and separate him from his infant-son and three weapons until July 6, 2002. "America is a land of democracy, psychiatry, and freedom," biblically acknowledges Severance "and all irreverent government agents of psychiatry will recieve freedom - the freedom to fall by sword, famine, and plague."

January 1999, Unemployed, unrestrained, and in possession of an early version of the official Mental Disorder rulebook

Early 1996, Unemployed, unrestrained, and a legitimate candidate for Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia

1982, God-fearing, unrestrained, Dean's List, calculus-based Physics student at George Mason University

"Their physically revolting ugliness is jealous of our good looks. Their false hope envies our great faith. Their sexual impotence hates our athletic rigid breeding virility. Their exagerated claims denigrate our genuine credibility. Their mentally retarded gods vilify our Lord. After observing people possessed by evil behavior and identifying their bad standing, chronic wrong choices, and unrepentant arrogance, modify them with patience and if necessary dispose of their disorder at gun-point with compassion." The Dance of the Kalashnikovs and Kanun i Leke Dukagjinit

you can not keep a good man down

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